This Page on Pause: Find new stories at!

This Page on Pause: Find new stories at!

I originally started writing my family stories on this website–My Grandmother’s Name. But, I’ve found myself overwhelmed with formatting and trying to get everything perfectly perfect (of course). Until I find the energy to reorient myself there (and maybe I never will), I decided to switch to a slightly more streamlined way to post that offers my brain a bit more freedom to just write. We’ll see how it goes. Until then, enjoy the stories at a new website: Click here

I’ve reposted all the original stories from My Grandmother’s Name there too in case you’re just making your way to these stories. The original site is (obviously) still up and accessible and does offer more features like a photo gallery. Just because I’m not posting here currently does not limit your ability to check it out to! Feel free to poke around the original site–but check out the new one & sign up for notifications.

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